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You will find pictures of completed Items as well as
Some Kits available for making beadwork.
Original Works of Donna Addis
ONLY one will be sold, the Picture of it will be in a future book
that is nearing completion!

The Teal Bugle Bag
by: Donna Addis

Teal Bugle Bag 
by: Donna Addis (c)1998
The Teal Bugle Bag I created to have the look of a fishing bag and seaweed look in the formation of the dangles.The body , straps and fringe are made with Frosted Dk. Teal Bugle Beads and Emerald AB and Jade Japanese size 11/o seed beads. There are numerous Crystals in the strap and fringe that were removed from an antique necklace I owned (late 1800's early 1900's Perfect condition Many facted AB Crystals) Opal disc beads on ea. side of crystals in the strap. The Stone beads are Jade and New Jade and Aventurine. The Dangle on the flap is a mossy agate teardrop. 22K Rosebuds and a heart shaped closure add old world charm to this piece. It truely is a "One of a kind." NO others will be made like it or can be made like it. I am auctioning this piece that I did during my Teal phase for a very worthy cause....Undisclosed for privacy.
"Let the Bidding Begin!!" and Good luck!

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