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Donna's Dreams Patterns and Kits

Beaded Needle Tatting  
Claying Around
*experiments in clay bead fun
Tatted/Beaded Motif Inst.
Needle Tatted Brac. *wallpaper doesn't print* just instructions print
2color split ring needle tatting instruct.
'Blue Dutch' Peyote stitch(spiral ornament with instructions)
'Mermaid's Watch'3/19/2000 Freeform Peyote stitch (tutorial links and step by step pics)
Daisy Chain Instructions with picture (printable)
African Netted Necklace and instructions
African Netted Party Barrette
Dark Garnet Beaded neck-
lace Instructions for Beads and Garnets
Unakite Cab Necklace 
Instructions Page
Pictured steps for Unakite
Cab necklace
Unakite Ruffly bracelet and Earrings intructions.
Bead Software and free Parrot pattern
'Skyler Blue'(design colaboration with my son Skyler Addis on Jan 1,2000
Grapevine Peyote 
Bracelet pattern and instructions.

More Patterns and Designs

Gubles Ndebele
(tubular herringbone stitch)
Free Instructions
Jealousy (Ol'green eye)
Stonepin 1
Stone Pin 2
The Hummer
Tube Bracelet
Green Triangle Bracelet and Earring set
Freeform "Ruby"
Nedstat Counter