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Donna's Dreams
Amulet bags
click on small images to see the large one.

Sparrow Hawk
Geese Flying South
The Little Village
Patterns by B. Elbe.
'Back to Beadin'
Beading by: Donna Addis

Zuni Bear
Rosebag For Madelaine
For the Love of Roses(front)
For the Love of Roses (back)
ButterflyBag for Jenny

These ^ patterns are from S.Cooper's Dancing Light
designs and beaded by:
Donna Addis
End of Trail (my first try)
More Patterns and Designs
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Jealousy (Ol'green eye)
Stonepin 1
Stone Pin 2
The Hummer
Tube Bracelet
Green Triangle Bracelet and Earring set
Freeform "Ruby"
Nedstat Counter