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Donna's Dreams

Clayin Around

Pictures are higher quality and load a little slower...get a cup of coffee!

Flower Under Glass (inst.)

Crushed Ikat pens

Transparent and foil covered cabs

This is A little music box I made later in the year xmas 2000 for Jenny. (inside is a musical mechanism that plays 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' when you press it) not shown as it is covered in burgundy velvet. The box lid is made with Premo polymer clay and the use of a wavy blade to make the curly candy-like rainbow shapes. Also made a bullseye cane in skinner rainbow blend, then cut the circles in halves for rainbows. There is a mirror glued on the inside of the lid so it can be used as a trinket box or lipstick/makeup box. is just plain fun!

Look out MALACHITE MADNESS! This is so fun if you are looking for a new clay project!

claying around in faux Malachite patterns FUN!

This journal in clay begins in April of 2000>>>>> :)
Can you mix Clay with TATTING? yup!
Iris beads on a Tatted Cross Bookmard 7/12/00
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I love this copper leaf and transluscent jelly roll technique!!

Jade Goddess bead 10/3/00
Jade Goddesii (only 2 left)

Etched and Enameling Clay

'The Eyes Have IT',and 'Fish Outa Watta' Switchplate 5/16/200

This newest one is the back of a mirror^up there &brush.
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July's Tries TLS experiments

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Dichroic-style experiments

more to come soon I hope to get better at this with practice LOL!
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