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Daisy Cain example in 11/o JSB's
by: Donna Addis 2/2/2000

Daisy Chain Instructions
by: Beadle

You will need Nymo-d in matching to bead color or black/ or /white.
#12 beading needle
size 11/o JSB or whatever you have...a tube or hank  of ea. color
pink or lavender (petals)
Yellow or white for centers ( a 2.5mm bead  - a4mm bead will stand out as a larger center bead)*BEAD AMMOUNTS ARE IN PARENTHESIS FOR 4MM*
green for leaves
(feel free to change any color or make each daisy a different color)
**HINT** Play beads and have fun!!!
Lobster claw, or a Large bead for a closure.

Lets get started!
Pour a little of ea. color into little piles on a square of suede or felt to keep them from rolling off your table.
1. Thread up about 2 yards of nymo use Beeswax on it , if you like it , or thread heaven, or plain.
2. thread on the lobster claw at this time. and fasten it several times....make a half-hitch knot.
3.String on 6 (8) petal color beads and run needle back through all of them from the beginning to the last again. Make a tight knot.
4. BNT (bring needle through) the first bead once again and Add a center bead, (4mm bd.) BNT the 4th bd. (5th bd.) pull taught...(1 daisy made)
5. Now for the leaves..add 1 leaf bd, 2 petal bds and 1 leaf bd. BNT the 4th (5th) petal beads again of the last daisy. pull tight. Add 1 more leaf bead for middle and BNT  2nd petal bead of the leaf.
6. 2nd daisy Add 4 (6) petal beads. BNT the 4th (5th) petal bds. that you just came out of last daisy. Pick up 1 center bead, BNT the 4th (5th)petal bead and pull tight. Now a leaf...Daisy...leaf
Repeat 5 and 6 throughout until it is just about the length you want for necklace or bracelet or anklet.
Closure and finishing:
Now that you have your length, make your loop closure for button or bead or lobster claw by threading on 12-14 bds, (bring them into a circle and try with the bead to see if it fits adjusting it with more beads if it is too tight or take some off if too sloppy)
Now BNT all the beads forming the loop. try to go thru one more time for strength.
Tie in half-hitches at the base of the loop.  Now BNT the beads of the Daisies and the leafs  weaving back toward the beginning to hide your thread snuggly and lock it in. Snip close to the work (carefully) .....You Did IT!!    Enjoy!
Donna Addis
February 2, 2000.