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Dark Garnet Necklace instructions
By: Donna Addis (c)June1999
Please no mass production for self gain!

 Materials needed: a string of Garnet chips, Synbond/or Nymo-D, Beading needle #12, a tube of Black Matte Japanese seed Beads. A suitable clasp ( I chose the lobster claw)

Start by threading aobut 2 yds. of your Beading Thread on the needle. Use some Thread Heaven to condition or Beeswax.*Using double thread, Slide needle down about 1/2 way of the entire length. Shmush threads together and run fingers down with a little pressure take out curling and to stretch a bit to prevent sagging later. Thread on the LOBSTER CLAW. .letting it drop down toward the end of the thread...about 4" before end..grasp firm and make several half hitches going thru hole in the lobster claw and making it secure..

If you have a beadspinner..this is a whiz...poor in the Black Matte 11/o's and thread up the hooked needle spin in it and push down desired amount of bead ..choker length..drop necklace..whatever suits your fancy...check and fit around neck til you have the right add 12 more bead and go back thru them encircling and strengthening the loop..(this is the loop you catch with the lobster claw). Enter beads on strand now heading back towards the start 1 bd at a time and make a half-hitch for 3 bds**snip on thread and work single threaded throughout..weaving in new thread if needed..try and plan enough thread so you don't have to...a *A Single thread continuously worked is always strong than an added one..but work what is comfortable length for you..the project is no fun in you are ready to begin the pattern.

Pattern: Pick up 8bds, 1 gar chip(gc),1bd. skip last bead and go back through the gc and pull snuggly.
**pick up 8 bds, sk 2bds on main strand go thru next 2bds.{ snug the thread keep even tension you don't want it tight and puckery or loose and showing threads...)
Pick up 4bds. go thru 5th bead down from top of the last 8 you added..exit and snug.
Pick up 4bds., 1cc,1bd go back thru gc ..snug **
Repeat these steps from**-** until you reach the end or within one or two beads..add 8 beads from last gc and enter top strand.. go thru a bd and make half-hitch stitches 3x's , run thread back down thru the strand  on top and pull back a bit snip close to strand..weave in tail at other end to hide and snip to clean up ends. Viola! Dark Garnet! you did it!
Happy 4th of  July!! Happy Beading :)
Anklet same as pattern for necklace only measure beginning strand of beads to suit you.
Bracelet..same as patter only measure to wrist and version 2 is a bit add an outside strand by picking up 2 beads and going thru bead at bottom under gc snugging them up..if you want it to flare some add 3-4 bds. between.
Earrings: start with 6bds. go thru the loop on the earring finding. use one section of pattern attached to the loop at bottom of a earhook or post or clip fasten securely and hide thread..
another variation would be to add just loops of beads and gc's or just gc's alone strung..USE your IMAGINATION You can do it!! Let me know how you do with this..Also I want to see finished products and their variations..send me a scan of what you made. As long as this works well, I will continue to come up with designs and offer FREE PATTERNS...Lets keep it free...
For those of you who don't have these material I have kits available at a reasonable price with all you need to make it with!!
mailto:Donna Addis

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