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'Hoi'd it truda Grapevine'

by: Donna Addis
(c) July 1999
all rights reserved! you may use the pattern in gifts of mass production auth.! Donna

easy to read and print in even peyote st.

For the bracelet you will need a simple clasp of your choice. I used a barrel on this one...NYMO-D, #10 or #12 beading needle, DB204 (background),
DB 1347 for dk bluish/purple/ sl/grapes..DB108 for med. amethyst color grapes and DB73 for dk fuscia grapes, DB 919 for the vine and leaves, Thread Heaven...feel free to change colors to what you have and work with it..also can be done easily in size 11/o japanese seed beads.

To begin: Thread up needle with about 3 yds of it through the thread heaven and smooth it out.  Save your clasp till after beading is done and begin beading the body of the bracelet.. Leaving at least 18" tail...put stop bead thru that bead 2x's...Put on the first two rows at one time marked in red lines then come back thru the other way with the 3rd row of peyote marked in will pick up one bead, skip next bead, go thru next bead, pull snug ( you will see the bead you put on snap back to parallel the bead below that you had skipped Mimicking zipper teath) following pattern colors across continue on. Each row adding a bead between the two taller beads just like the photo.  If you have printed this out ..good way to keep track of rows is prick that bead color of the row you did before with your pattern is made to repeat until you have the right length , as it is a repettitive design.. pattern. When you reach the right length now decrease by skipping end bead row after row until there are 2-3 bds left..put on your clasp and make several half hitch knots then weave back up thru work thru several beads to lock it in then cut thread close to hide..Now ..go to other end and thread up the tail..decrease down to 2-3 beads and attach other reciprocal of the back thru all the work locking in thread and hiding half hitch knots..seal last knot with a dab of nail polish if you like and run thru 3-4 more beads..clip close to work and you are done! Hope you like it... i even messed with a little 3-D with it and it looks good by just adding the same beads to the surface of the work and dangle a vine off here and there..have fun and let me know how your project goes.
Donna the Dreamer