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Beading Around an Oval Cab

The Unakite Cab Necklace by:

Donna Addis of Yucca Valley Ca:

Printable: (c)6/1999 Donna Addis
Materials Needed: 1 Stone Cab any size-mine is 40x30mm and is Unakite
NymoD in matching or blending color, Beading need 10-12, size 11/o seed beads *I used #306 gold/olive Japenese seed Beads* , Smaller beads for decreasing Delicas i used DB70 rose lined pink, and 13/o's Cheyanne Pink Charlottes, G/L clasp. Unakite beads 6mm total of 12 needed for the project. *Some instructional parts refer to Picture referance by Letter or description..please refer to the Easy pix page*.
The Basic Instructions:
    Thread up needle and Nymo, about 2yds. (use thread heaven or beeswax if desired) Put a stop bead at about 1yd. on the Nymo and run thru 2xs to secure. With Main Color or mc, String on enough beads of mc to encirlce the outermost edge of the cab meeting end to end..Now count and make sure they are even...If not..of course add or subtract one bd.. Go thru the first two beads on the string creating a 'Step-up' and forming your circle.check (A)... Put on form **
**Form: use an empty toilet tissue tube, slash longways and fold around itself. slip circle of beads over it..pull snug on the beads...straighten out tube and scotch tape over ends for the perfect fit as well as covering portions that may snag.
**The Beading in Tubular Peyote: * Pick up a MC bd. and skip next one on circle, go thru next one and pulling slightly back towards you snap it into place just above the bead you skipped*. Rep. from * -* 1 x. You are now at the step-up(pic) p-up 1 mc bd. go thru both beads in step up.
Next Rows: Pick up 1 MC bd and go thru next MC bd. pull snug, all the way around do step-up.
Continue in this fashion until ther are 5-6 rows (depending on size of your cab..less rows for smaller cabs.)
Decreasing: Using the smaller beads.(mine are #70Delicas to match the rosey color of the Unakite)
pick up one bead and go thru next bead sticking up all around keep a snug fit **you probably want to take it off the form and hold it in your hand for the decreasing.**
Next smaller: I used Cheyanne Pink #13/o Charlottes and p-up one and go thru next Up bead..all around keeping snug..lay your stone in it to check the fit..if it is not decreasing row: Pick up 1smallest bd. and go thru 2 up bds. all the way around to step row: pick up 1 smallest bead and go thru ea. up bead pull snug..(B)This ought to do it..Weave your thread and needle back thru to the other side at the beginning where the stop bead is..**Remove Stop Bead** Rethread need on this threand and tie off with other thread continueing on.
Repeat Decreasing Row of Delicas...insert cab the way it should lay..might want to scotch tape it into place to hold snug until it is comfortable and not slipping out.. Continue to do the Decreasing rows using the charlotte's and snugging it up to the cab as in (C).
Scalloped edge: Weave needle thru a few beads below and exit the center of the side edge, so that your scallop is around the edge and centered. Do this by picking up 3 CC (contrast color, i used the#70 Delicas) skip a bead on the center edge, go thru next bead and pull this all the way around.  Exiting the center bd. of the loop at the top of the side( if it is to lay sideways) (outer top right if hanging longways) make an ear..pick up 10 mc beads..and in a clockwise form go thru center bead of loop to the right of this loop enter/exit right to left..weave down thru beads and come up thru center bead of beg. of the ear..encircle thru loop 2x's for strength...weave across other beads on top to get to the same loop on left side top ( or side, depending on vert. or horizontal) Repeat the same ear adding 10 mc beads and forming a loop with center bead of next loop..continue to weave thru several beads in the rows below making hidden 1/2 hitch knots and running thru more beads.(D) & (E)
The Strap: (F) make a 9 bd loop that runs through one of the ears, passing thru again for strength.
*pick up 5mc, 3cc,5mc 6mm u-bead* Rep. *-* until 6 - 6mm beads are strung...string up the rest in mc bds( I like mine a little long i strung until the piece from the top of the ear on the cab to the enc mc bd measures 12")..attach clasp...weaving thru the hole several times to secure.then weaving back up the strand hiding 1/2 hitch knots and weaving thru 3-5 beads at a time..cut thread close..
Repeat *The Strap* procedure for otherside only put on the split ring or make a loop of beads to hook your clasp or jumpring to..** lay it down and check from time to time that it is equal..also hold it up and do the same..adjust a few beads if necessary.** weave back down thru mc beads of strap making half hitches and going thru more beads to hide the knots...trim off Nymo close to beads.
You're done! Now wasn't that quick and easy?
Write and let me know Write Donna
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