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Donna's Dreams


first attempts at learning Macrame Knotting, self taught from a book.

These will be different types of
Knotting that I am learning. Starting mid August/2000.
Keep an eye peeled for patterns and designs.
2This is a choker I made for Jenny for her senior year! 3
4 Here is the watchband that I made from the pattern in Beadwork Magazine August/2000 issue. The pattern is by Brenda Whitehead! Great pattern Brenda! Gee, now all I need is a watch! I got the watch and am making more watchbands soon SCROLL DOWN FOR JADE WATCHBAND! 5
6 LoomBoard I made for needleweaving and Knotting and a close up of the work 7
8 Here it is finally finished. I changed this many times. Went from necklace to wallhanging...and made the beads for it too out of clay. 9
10 This is a Hemp and wood bead necklace I made. I got the pattern from a great book called 'Hemp&Bead Jewelry' by Bastett...Great book! 11
12 These are photos of the new watchband I made with Silk in moss green with 4mm jade beads, 8/x gold, 11/3-c teal iris bds. 1314

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