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Donna Addis

About The Artist:

My name is Donna Addis and I live in the California Desert. I am a mother of 3, and wife. I love doing beadwork and tatting. Those are my main passions right now. I have been a Musician for 25 years and play both electric and acoustic guitar as well as sing and write music.
I am in a sort of remission state in Lupus..I hope! Anyway I am getting stronger and am able to do things again that the disease had taken from me..So I am enjoying it and not questioning it.
I am enjoying making beading and tatting patterns and look forward to being a published artist!
If you like beading and tatting and would like to contact me please use the email address above!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site here at DonnasDreams.
And netmind the page so it will auto-email you of the major changes.
Y'all come back now, Ya'hear?

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