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Donna's Dreams

Beaded Needle Tatting


(c) Aug.1999 Redone April 2000

Now available in Aug/2000 issue #38 of Bead and Button magazine!
pattern and tatting done by: Donna Addis

and matching earrings

link to: Learn Needle Tatting in ONE day!

other colors for Thread and Beads combinations available *please specify your interest*
Blue Slate, Golden, Black, Rust,Pearl,Gunmetal,Dk. Red, Coral, Magenta, Mauve, Opal, Midnight Iris, Crystal Grey Iris,
Palest Yellow,Royal Blue, Aqua, Teal,Christmas Green, Christmas Red,Autum leaf combo, Spring pastels combo.
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TATTED WREATH instructions by:Samantha Melnychuk are found in the shared files for members of Rings_N_Chains

Beanile Lace for shuttle or needle tatting Examples

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