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Tatted Waves

by: Donna Addis (For DD Jenny)
Instructions Two Color split ring tatting

For this bracelet I used: Boye soft sculpture needle #7524, blunted and filed round..if you have a #5 tatting needle this is pretty close to the size..with a larger eye.
South Maid crochet cotton size 10 in purple and in seafoam green..any kind any color you pick with do(if you use a smaller thread as a #20, or #30 cotton use a #7 tatting needle).. 1 small button in color to match for closure.Scissors

To begin: wind off the thread from P to a small ball about 2" diameter and put inside a small round, rubbermaid container...make a hole in the lid with the tip of scissors by pressing and turning scissors round and round until you bore about a 1/4" hole (this is for your thread to come up thru) Now thread up needle with 3-4 YDS. of G thread.Tie threads together within a 1 1/2" tail. Make loop closure:using regular needle tatting techniques..holding needle in right hand (w/Green thread in it) and using the purple to put stitches on...@ needle tatting if you have never done this and need to learn what a ds and a p are click LEARN NEEDLE TATTING make a {Ring of 7 ds, 3p's,7ds,3p's,7ds.} pull needle thru stiches while holding onto worked stitches with your fingers and thumb...slowly...until you see a loop of green about 1/4" from the needle thru that loop. Pull thread on up and  snug the ring up tight and  spread out the picots.

Cross threads and run needle thru loop making a plain knot..this transfers the Purple thread to the left side and green on right.
**with P make 6 turn work around horizontally so the eye is facing out as the working end..quickly unthread needle..using Green and making stitches with the thread body closest to the work (not using the end of thread) put on 6 ds. and rethread the needle..turn work back around facing needle away from you , hold onto the stitches with left hand , and pull the thread the 1/4" like before, slip needle thru the loop of green then pull snuggle firming up the ring. Make a slip knot to reposition P on left and G on right** repeat the ** to ** for 17 more times or until there are about 18 rings + your loop closure* adjust according to size..more rings for a larger wrist or anklet or a choker..less for smaller.* go up thru the button and down thru the whole on opposite side and thru threads of last ring..anchoring it right to the ring.. 2 or 3 times..unthread G thread and cut purple at about 8" and thread it..go up thru fibres of ring thru buttonhole pull snug and go down thru opposite side of buttonhole 2x's more..fasten securely to the green thread..2x's and run needle thru the threads of last ring underside several times, clip short...tada! you did it..try another in different colors..
Good Tattie!! Write me

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