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Desert Rain

New extension of Donna's Dreams
I found PAINTING this year and fell in love again.
I thought I was hooked on BEADING! oh my!
This Journey Started Stardate:  Jan.15th, 2001
Everything from Paintings to inspirational photos I have taken
Enjoy the Tour!

Virtual Paintings Classes *on yahoo messenger JUST ADD A FRIEND and type in virtualclasses

New website for Virtual Class coming soon

Dining Room Wall
Studio Wall
Bathroom above window
NEW wall in the hall(vines and roses)
Painted Cabs
Beaded Painted Cab Necklace
Painted Glass Plates
Lazy Susan Tray
Zhostovo Style
Garden Stones
Oil paintings
Kauai Photos for 
Sunrises in the Desert Photos
Clouds/Yucca Mesa
Watercolor Paintings Index
Water Soluable Oil colors
WINTER in oils and acrylics
Write to Donna Addis!

I am hooked on "Maimeriblu" watercolors (like working with liquid gold and honey!

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