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Donna's Dreams of Desert Rain Virtual Painting ONLINE

Here are some of the paintings we have been doing.
For more info:


This is hard to show as it is a 12x24"
on masonite. This is in onestroke style with my own touch to it...
We have a lot of fun doing these.
Some pictures take 1 hour.
Some take 3 sessions of 1hour.
More info: Log into Yahoo and download Messenger if you don't already have it. Add me to your friends list and I in turn add you.
We meet online at 9am PST M-W-F. I will send a message to all on the special virtual paintlist of times and classes.
These first few are freebees. Some classes are as low as 10 bucks.
This IS much easier than you could possibly think.
This is Eagles mountain Range. The class was today at 9am. Three students joined the freebee lesson.
It was fun and I hope to make a nice page for the students works.
This is Pre-histeria...was gonna be historic..but was so hilarious and fun watching all the magic happen on YUPO. For a free sample pack of yupo, go to .It is a printer paper used for lovely cover sheets and style sheets. But some of us crazy painters found it to be a delightful experince in Watercolor.
More classes coming to Virtual Painting in 'Yupo'. So get your yupo and watercolors. I use Maimeri blue watercolors that can be found at a great price by clicking on the link below RexArt. mention my affilliate ID 32*DONNA ADDIS-DESERT RAIN
excuse the blur was moving rapidly, I paint fast.    <waterfall  ...distant...             ^  Lotus

I love shopping for painting supplies with a discount!(hint: mention affiliate 32)!

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