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Donna's Dreams

Rubylace in White with Black beads

by: Shelly Berrow aka Beadmouse

In the August 2000 issue of Bead and Button Magazine, I was blessed to have Rubylace published with full instructions and pattern. Today, July 10,2000, Shelly aka Beadmouse said she taught herself from the pattern never having Shuttle tatted or Needle Tatted!!
Here is what Shelly had to say:
I can't believe that after struggling for over a year and failling miserabley to learn to tat - you managed to teach me in an evening! write Shelly at:

(I am aglow with happiness reading this)

I would love to showcase any and all that have done the pattern..
send me a .jpg of the work and a letter to: ME
Rubylace by: Donna Addis is from the August 2000 issue #38 of Bead&Button magazine. You can obtain a copy from most bookstores, craftstores or by contacting B&B
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