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Donna's Dreams

Flower Under Glass tech.

Supplies: Premo Translucent Clay
TLS and diluent
Glass large enough to work on with tls mine is 6" diam. circle
Toaster oven or (convection with a foil tent to not get pc fumes on oven)
Gold composition foil
sobo glue to attach foil to tls
wax paper to mix colors on
Turquoise pearl-ex powder
Blue Russet " "
Pink Flamingo " "
super glue
acryllic roller
Wet-dry sandpaper in 400-600+1000
Buffing wheel(muslin wheel on bench grinder is best)
flecto varathane diamond elite for final gloss

Step 1. condition about a walnut size or more of  trans.Premo Clay. 

Step 2. Roll out with acrillyc roller to get an oval shape about 1/4" thick.Bake at 265 for 20min. in toaster oven. or at 250 for longer time until done. Let cool and set aside.

Step3.Mix about an 8th of a cup of TLS and about 4-5 drops diluent to thin in a plastic container or jar..(I use haircolor bottles that have been thoroughly washed and rinsed) pimento jars are good too. I used a craftstick to stir...untill consistancy is like runny frosting.

Step4. start in center of glass and squeeze on tls from bottle, slowly and going from center out in a cirular motion util it is the size of your clay oval. Let this sit and watch it for bubbles. Prick with toothpic if there are any.

Step 5. Tear off a sheet of wax paper and fold it doubled for protection on your work surface. Poor little puddles to mix colors about the size of a nickel, leaving plent of space between so you don't accidently mix the colors. With a toothpic for each different color, dip into turq. powder and drop onto the circle of tls and mix thoroughly until a nice rich color is reached. Using anoter t-pic do same mixing Flamingo pink and Blue Russet.

Step 6. Take t-pic and swirl in Blue russet until you have a good amount on the pic. Drop it on the plain TLS oval about 3/4 up centering vertically. Add more B-Russet mixture until there is a blob the size a little smaller than a dime.

Step7. Drop a very small amount the size of a tip of a paintbrush into center of  the Blue Russet blob. Insert toothpic into center of both blobs and slowly pull down toward bottom of oval about 3/4 down then curve up and off to the right in a curly sweeping motion for a nice stem. Pull down more if needed following the line. Now in the middle of the stem get a small amnt. of blue russet on pic and drop on and inserting pic slowly pull upward and outward in an arch for a leaf. Do same a bit lower on other side of the stem

Step8. Using same pic starting in center of blob at top (flower),load the toothpic wit the Pink Flamingo mix and drop into center of the flower, but a hair lower... insert pic and pull up and outward like flower petals until it looks the way you like it.

Step9. Take toothpic full of a good amnt. of the turquoise mix and drop just below the flower and right beside the stem. **This time pull as you let it drop off the pic following along the outside line of your stem. And reload pic doing same on leaves.

Step10. BAKE at 265 for 20min. let cool with blade sliding it uner the edge of the oval picking up the edge and peeling it off the glass...lay it on a fresh sheet of wax paper to cool.

Step11. Turn over the TLS oval now cooled. Apply a thin coat of sobo glue to the back of the flower and smooth out. Carefully lay on a piece of gold foil. Tamp down and  smooth out removing excess. Let dry about 20 min.

Step12. Apply a bit of super glue to top side of the transparent clay that you  baked..being careful not to get this on your fingers. (you can use sobo if you like...very thin). Carefully center the flower oval over your clay oval with the gold facing it pressing down so there are no bubbles. Let dry for about 20 min.

Step 13. At this point I rebake for 10 min. and let cool. Sand top with wet/dry s-paper starting with 400 and working your way up to 1000...I use a dish of water and keep dunking and rinsing sandpaper.

Step 14. use translucent Premo and condition and roll out on thinnest setting a smooth fine piece laying it on top of the flower oval. Smooth out gently and carefully from center out smoothing it as if you are burnishing it to the piece without tearing it. Now BAKE it again, same setting for 20 min. Cool and do all the sanding. This time end with the buffing wheel until high gloss is achieved.

Step 15. Set a doubled piece of wax paper on top of toaster oven. Put the Clay flower on it face UP. Shake up Flecto Varathane D-E and with a clean paint brush paint it on the top. Turn on toaster oven for 5 min on timer and let it will make a nice glossy hardened shine. When dry if you wan to repeat the varathane gloss do so and let dry completely. You are through. If you want to bead around it as a cab,or use it  in a jewelry setting or add a border  for a framed piece...HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!
Please Let me know how it comes out by emailing me a .jpg of it.
Design and instructions by: Donna Addis
Copyright January 19,2001.All rights reserved.


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