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Desert Rain

Watercolor class in the desert

Teacher: Mrs. Gillick......subject Sky washes

This is my little documentary of the day...

showing where the yellow ochre creates a stream of sunlight breaking through the clouds
Before this wash went down she put a light under paint of the primaries to give it some pizazz then began to wet into wet wash.
Now pick up some Ultramarine and violet
drop in some yellow ochre and more UB to layer clouds and change values to show distance
Mrs. Gillick showing examples of different sky washes she has done. more examples of washes with added texture of saran or salt
Mrs. Gillick's Sky wash the first DEMO..done in Burnt Sienna, Raw sienna,Indigo and cad or<img SRC=
All this was on October 1st, 2001 in Mrs. Gillick's watercolor painting class CMC(copper mountain college).
I was so entranced at watching the demo that I forgot to keep snapping pictures..
Wish I had taken step by step of the one on the left here, it was awesome watching the firey sky come to life...It is pale in comparison to how it looke in real life....
Thanks Mrs. Gillick! I am learning so much from you. And it was a wonderful workshop day!
(You are right Susie...she does sling a mean brush!) heheh 
p.s. sorry some are blurry as I was moving around the table and shooting at the same time. I will try and hold still next time.


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